WordPress on Windows at Wordcamp Norway

imageI just got done speaking at Wordcamp Norway (#wcnorge) on the topic of running WordPress on Windows. The talk seemed to be well received despite the powers that be on the demo side not being kind to me. My first install of WordPress had an port conflict with a previous version and failed. ARG!

IMG_2419Regardless, it’s been a while since I spoke at a Wordcamp but I always have a lot of fun doing so. The talk was well received, especially some of the stuff that’s not in the slides such as the web testing in Visual Studio 2010. It allows you to record a browsing session and then turn it into a load test very quickly.

The deck is a compilation (greatest hits really) of some of my previous talks. I didn’t drain all the slides but rather they are here for reference for folks.

It was also cool that Zé Fontainhas from Automattic was in the audience and liked the talk. Actually, we had a couple of people in the audience who were already running WordPress on Windows who provided unprompted testimonials. 🙂 It was fun.

Thanks for the hospitality of the folks in Norway – next time I have to come back in the summer!!!

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