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Mentorship Matters

I did a talk on Coder Cruise last year called Mentorship Matters. It’s called that because I truly believe that mentorship matters and the talk is about the matters of mentorship. The agenda for the talk is:

  • How mentors have shaped me
  • How to pick and approach a mentor
  • How to be a good mentor

The original abstract for the talk is as follows:

In this, ever challenging world, having a strong set of mentors is key to your success. Building on the experiences and knowledge of others is the only way to even catch up, much less get ahead. And you need to think beyond career management and think about technical, personal growth, growing your network and all sorts of dimensions as you are thinking about mentors.
Secondly, mentoring someone else can be the most rewarding experience in your life. When should you take on mentees? What are the questions that you need to be asking them? How much of your time should you give up? And so on…
In this talk, we’ll dive into why you need mentors, how to select mentors, how to approach them and how to work with them with case studies from real life. Then we’ll dive into the other side of the coin and how you should work with others when approached to be a mentor.

I hope you enjoy the talk and I’m looking forward to your comments!