340lbs Open Source BattleBot Malfunctions Nearly Maiming Microsoft…

I have been at MIX and SxSW the last two weeks. Or rather, I used SxSW as an excuse to come down for Whurley and Giavonni‘s BarcampAustin. It was amazing – I’ve never seen a barcamp done that well. Austin, the city,  declared the day BarCamp day. It was cool.

I did have a near death experience though and the guys at Viewzi.tv caught it all on film…

From Whurley

All went well save one small incident involving a 340lbs BattleBot malfunctioning and then taking off as fast as it could for the closet Microsoft employees. Thankfully no one was hurt or injured and they were amazingly good sports afterwards:

Many thanks to the folks at Viewzi.tv for the amazing editing job. And, yes we still love Brady and TeamDX! Good luck in the new season on ESPN guys!

Modern day bullfighting???

340lbs Open Source BattleBot Malfunctions Nearly Maiming Microsoft… — TalkBMC

MIX Day 1 Keynote Ray Ozzie

Ray OzzieRay Ozzie kicked off the MIX keynote by talking about the fantastic new things that have happened at Microsoft in the past year that are really re-engineering the DNA at Microsft from the acquisition of Aquantitive to the fantastic internal work with Silverlight 2.0 and IE8. As an employee in the trenches, it’s often hard to keep focus on that big picture and remember that the company is aggressively self critical and self correcting. Another great step we are trying to take, that Ray touched on a little bit, is acquiring Yahoo!. It’s interesting, but even in the field, I’ve seen that just the fact that we’ve made an offer has had a profound effect on a lot of people and is driving us into new and interesting directions. After that, he talk about the big picture and the directions that Microsoft is going with Services and Advertising and how that fits into the big picture of our S+S message. By Services, he’s talking about software services in the Cloud (internet/network) rather than consulting services.

The next huge point that he talked about is the idea of software above the level of a single device. Our users are starting to leverage intelligent devices of all types from phones to desktops to cars in every part of their lives. We need to look at how to really leverage the strengths of each of these devices and platforms.

There are 5 buckets that we can think about these services in the cloud.

  1. Connected Devices
    • The vision here is that we will have applications and services that span
  2. Connected Entertainment
    • The vision here is that we would only have to license our software and media once and be able to use that across all of our devices from our music player to our desktop or car. This is a great
  3. Connected Productivity
    • The vision here is that we will have a seemless experience from the desktop to the mobile device to the web with Office Desktop, Office Mobile and Office Live (web based).
  4. Connected Business
    • The start of the vision is a set of services from online CRM, financial services, hosted exchange, commutation services and even hosted SQL Server with an elastic type cloud supporting it. The long game is enabling utility computing in the enterprise where people will virtualize more and more of their infrastructure onsite and in the cloud.
  5. Connected Development
    • We have a ton of different scenarios that we can code to with the same skill set of .NET and XAML across many different platform. That’s exciting. 

Personally, I’m really excited to part of the company with an end to end vision that is as complete as the one that Ray was able to lay out today.

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