Grand Rapids is getting the .NET Mobility Roadshow on Dec. 2.

.NET To Go Mobility Roadshow on Thursday, December 2, 2004 at the
DeVos Center-Loosemore Auditorium.

.NET To Go

The .NET To Go Mobility Roadshow will provide
you with the answers to your mobile development questions. Digging into the
details, using more code and fewer slides, these technical sessions will show
you how to develop and implement mobile solutions using the .NET Compact
Framework and languages you are already familiar with. To register for this
FREE event or to learn
more, go to

Registration is required to make sure that you can get in. You can register
at the MS Events page.

Most creative CV I’ve ever seen.

Someone forwarded me this resume (CV depending on where you are in the
world). I get a number of these, but this took some real creativity so I thought
I’d post it here.

Here’s the English version:

He did it in his native French as well:

Here’s the full list – including the standard word formatted CV.

Anyways – kudos for creativity and I hope that this helps him find a job.