.NET To Go Mobility Roadshow in Grand Rapids – Followup

I want to thank everyone for coming out to the .NET To Go Mobility Roadshow
in Grand Rapids. I had a great time and hope to come back to Grand Rapids more

We had about 40-45 participants and all seemed to enjoy themselves and were
really engaging. If I had a typical Grand Rapids group – I’m definitely going to
have to speak there more often. I was a little disappointed at the student
attendance as we only had about half a dozen or so and getting students to
attend was one of the reasons that we held it at the GVSUAuditorium (Nice facility).

Many thanks go to GVSU – for hosting the event, Eric Maino
for organizing and running the event and West Michigan .NET Users
and the Grand Valley State .NET Users Group for helping with

As promised – below is the link to the code samples that I wrote or showed
during the show. The Scan and Amazon only works on a Symbol device
with a barcode scanner and the Symbol .NET SMDK installed.