I’ll get a better post up with a lot more detail once I’m able to get a little more time. I just didn’t want to keep you in suspense any longer.

Thank you to everyone who was so generous and donated. All told, with online, offline and matching funds, we raised a staggering $3522.11. Overall the event raised a little over $26k. That’s an awesome amount of money and the Special Olympics of Michigan will make it stretch. However, they are not done yet – there are more plunges happening this around Michigan. In fact, a guy who is plunging because of me is Jeremy Lance – you should donate to his plunge at http://www.firstgiving.com/jer_.

In short, here is a short video showing the polar plunge itself.

Again – thank you to everyone who donated!

Display Name Date Amount  Comment
brian gorbett 2/13/2010 $100.00 even though i missed the plunge, u r awesome! 
Rebecca and Paul Foret 2/13/2010 $15.00  
Cal evans 2/13/2010 $25.00  
Michael Letterle 2/13/2010 $25.00 One of the many reasons you rock 
Mark Brown 2/13/2010 $50.00 Happy to help for a great cause. Match from MS to get you $100. 
Susan and Leon Holmes 2/13/2010 $25.00  
Brian Genisio 2/13/2010 $20.00  
Kevin 2/12/2010 $25.00  
Anonymous 2/12/2010 $35.00 Plunge Josh Plunge 
Vid Luther 2/12/2010 $51.00  
James Ward 2/12/2010 $50.00 Burrrr…. 
Drew Robbins 2/12/2010 $50.00  
James Bender 2/12/2010 $50.00 Good luck, that waters cold! 
Matt Davis 2/12/2010 $50.00  
Janet Keller 2/12/2010 $50.00 Hats off to you for that kind of commitment! Will be cheering from the fireside… 
Sazbean 2/12/2010 $50.00 Brr! Great cause! Get warm with a tasty beverage afterwards! – Sarah & Aaron 
Clark Sell 2/12/2010 $25.00 Stay Warm 
Dave Redding 2/12/2010 $50.00 Here’s to the SO. Get a descent camera man this time! 
Scott Watermasysk 2/12/2010 $25.00  
JRPendarvis and family 2/12/2010 $20.00  
Jim Holmes 2/12/2010 $100.00  
Anonymous 2/12/2010 $20.00  
ElizabethN 2/12/2010 $10.00 You rock, Josh! 
Larry Clarkin 2/12/2010 $25.00 Dive Deep! 
Anonymous 2/12/2010 $20.00  
Shawn S 2/11/2010 $20.00  
Scott MacVicar 2/11/2010 $100.00 Video or it didn’t happen 
Pablo Godel 2/11/2010 $50.00 Good luck! 
Evan 2/11/2010 $50.00 You must Chill! We have hidden your keys! 
The Detroit Java User Group 2/11/2010 $50.00  
Greg Malcolm 2/11/2010 $40.00 Setting light to the lake first is cheating! 
Jenn Brees 2/6/2010 $20.00  
Anonymous 2/5/2010 $25.00 Every1 has some sort of a special need.Some needs r > others. Thnk u 4 helping me w mine.-code junky 
see.clay 2/5/2010 $190.00 over the hump, thanks for the chats, some people you remember – for a reason 
Anonymous 2/5/2010 $20.00  
Anonymous 2/5/2010 $40.00 I’ll be thinking “Warm” thoughts for you. 
Liza Sisler 2/4/2010 $100.00 When you go to Ireland check out the ‘Forty Foot’ for Polar Plunge #2 
Nathan Hancock 2/3/2010 $100.00 Have Fun! 
Dawn 2/2/2010 $50.00 Not dunking you… just pushing you closer to the edge, Jer 
Greg 2/2/2010 $100.00 I expect to see you guys holding hands when you jump in! 
Martin L. Shoemaker 2/2/2010 $108.11 You’re a brave man, brother Josh! 
Chris Large 2/2/2010 $20.00 My pleasure… 
Matt Cowan 2/2/2010 $25.00 Way to go! 
Larry Siden 2/2/2010 $18.00 “18” in Hebrew letters spells “life”! 
Jason Chrispen 2/2/2010 $20.00 Good luck, sounds like a great cause. Make your daughter proud. 
aunt red 2/2/2010 $10.00 go jeremy, great cause 
Jacob Mullins 2/1/2010 $50.00 Rock on brother! 
Rob Allen 2/1/2010 $25.00  
Ashwin Karuhatty 2/1/2010 $50.00 I am proud of you!  
John Gilmour 2/1/2010 $25.00 Cold, cold, cold…. 
DeVaris Brown 2/1/2010 $50.00 Anything to help out brothaman 
Tim COrbett 2/1/2010 $30.00 Hope you reach your goal 
Joe Saul 1/31/2010 $50.00 Josh, I don’t know you, but I’m doing this because of Jer’s co-pledge, so make sure he goes in too! 
Hawthorne Property Services 1/31/2010 $100.00  
Dinah 1/31/2010 $5.00 Wish I could give more. I’ve done the jump and know how much fun it can be 🙂 good luck! 
Chris and Tracy Woodruff 1/31/2010 $25.00 Way to go Josh!! Stay warm!! 
Angela Dugan 1/31/2010 $100.00 My hubby does the jump every year, looks like, um, fun? 🙂 
Anonymous 1/31/2010 $20.00 Brrrrrr! 
Sadukie 1/30/2010 $25.00 Here’s to you and your Wonderpuzzle! 🙂 
Anonymous 1/30/2010 $20.00 Hey Josh, worked with you once a few years ago, but I too have a daughter with special needs. 🙂 
Ryan Weaver 1/30/2010 $25.00 Living and swimming in MI – you make me feel like a traitor 🙂 – love the cause 
Chris Coneybeer 1/29/2010 $35.05 For a great cause. Go Josh! 
Donna Bank 1/29/2010 $25.00 This gives new meaning for “COLD CASH”  
Keith “The Monkey” Casey 1/29/2010 $39.95 I want to see this one on video 🙂 
The Coffee Mill Cafe 2/12/2010 $100.00  
The Tackets 2/12/2010 $25.00  
Anonymous 2/12/2010 $100.00  
Matching funds   Over $600  

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