Martin Shoemaker speaking at the West Michigan .NET User Group

Martin Shoemaker is speaking on April 17th at the West Michigan .NET User Group. His topic is Dee Jay: A voice-controlled Juke Box for Windows Vista. This is an application that Martin is working on. For those of you that don’t know Martin, he is one of the greatest advocate for a lot of the new human interface technologoes that are coming our of Microsoft in the Ink and Voice areas. He is the creator of Tablet UML and a lot of other tools that work well on tablets. He has called me on many nights cursing the speach recognition engines in Windows XP. However, he’s been absolutely thrilled with the voice recognition in Vista. I’ve actually heard that from a couple of different sources. It should be, as most of Martin’s talks are, an entertaining talk with a lot of content. For a preview of some of the content, you should read Martin’s posts on the subject here –

BTW: Martin also wrote these books.


Link to West Michigan .NET User Group


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