ArcReady: Mid-Tour Update

I’m in the middle of the ArcReady tour around the Heartland district (That’s Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee). Tim Landgrave spoke in Detroit, MI yesterday and did a bangup job as always. It was fantastic to sit and soak in the knowledge that he has gained through the many years that he’s been in business as a consultant on a tremendous number of different projects. He brings a lot of great stories and antidotes that we can all relate to from these varius projects. The only issue is that each of the presentation brings out slightly different sets of antidotes depending on the questions and audience reactions so really, I’d like to sit through all 11 of these rather than just 3 or 4 of them.

I got some questions about the presentation so I thought I’d answer some of them here. First, the names of the books that were referenced in the Patterns and Anti-Patterns section were:


Second question that I’m getting a lot is when and where can I get the presentation? We will be posting it on as soon as the tour is over.

The question that I have for you is what topics/speakers would you like to see in the future for this series? Feel free to email me direct or leave answers in the comments.


Link to Microsoft ArcReady: Reinforcing the Foundations of Solutions Architecture

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