Back in the Web Dev World

So I’ve switched roles at Microsoft. For the last 11.5 years at Microsoft (which is 9.5 years longer than I thought I’d be here), I’ve been in some form of developer relations. However, I’ve never shipped a product at Microsoft.

In my new role, I’m joining the Web Platform Team to run the Web Applications and Frameworks team – my new title is the Principle PM for WAF. I’m managing two products related to people writing apps with web technologies. The first is WWAHost which is how we write Progressive Web Apps which are native apps written with web standards and technologies.
Check out Get started with Progressive Web Apps for more details.

The second is Webview which is how you incorporate web tech into a standard native app written in .NET, C++ and so on.
Check out Microsoft Edge WebView for Windows 10 apps for more details.

I also work with JavaScript frameworks internal and external to Microsoft. To this end, I’ve got a great dev on my team named John-David Dalton. He’s had a continuous streak of activity on Github since July 23, 2013. This has included building lodash, contributions to Babble and even as far as adding ESM support to Node.JS and NPM.

I’m looking forward to shipping a product that touches millions of people. 🙂

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