A little about BrazilJS

BrazilJS was a fantastic conference. It was very professionally run with some fantastic speakers. I had a blast.

This is the second of three blog posts. The first was about the experience in Porto Alegre called Obrigado BrazilJS. This one is photos and the like from the conference. The third is about my talk specifically called The Perf Doctor Is In.

Josh Holmes onstage at BrazilJS 2013

I got to speak about web performance in a talk called “The Perf Doctor is In”.

Josh Holmes doing the Freddy Mercury pose

There was a camera guy that kept shooting footage and at one point, I threatened to throw a pose if he came back on stage. Sure enough, here he came and I carried through.

The camera guy was BRILLIANT. He shot the video all day and managed to cut, produce and publish by the closing ceremonies. I’m very likely to be hiring this guy for work in the near future.

Renato Mangini

Renato Mangini was there for Google. Great guy and contributed to the conference a ton beyond his talk and Google’s sponsorship. He was personally involved in a lot of aspects of it.

Thibault Imbert

Thibault Imbert did a great talk on JavaScript concurrency.

Thibault Imbert hugging the audience member

Yes – there’s a story… 🙂 Turns out that one of Thibault’s favorite musical artists is Brazilian and there was a look alike in the crowd who was a great sport and personality.

Thibault Imbert studying.

And when Thibault wasn’t on stage, he was intently listening to the talks. I jest. He was actually listening 99% of the time. I happened to catch him on a break grabbing a little wifi while the attendees were grabbing coffee.

Robert Nyman

I met Robert Nyman from Mozilla in Scotland at WhiskyWeb. He’s a great guy who really knows the web.

Robert Nyman

He didn’t like this picture but I did and since I’m the photographer… 🙂

Robert Nyman trying a new drink

And I wasn’t the only one who discovered new drinks in Brazil. I’m not even sure what it is but it looked fantastic…


And Robert believes in web standards.

Douglas Crockford on stage

It was the first time that I had seen Douglas Crockford speak. He did the closing keynote.

Douglas Crockford

It was great meeting him and grilling him about everything from the future of Ecmascript to where he saw languages like TypeScript.

Thibault and Douglas Crockford

I wasn’t the only fanboy there. 🙂

Angus Croll

And Douglas wasn’t my only hero that I got to hang out with. Angus Croll is a fantastic speaker that I first saw speak at JSConf. I get smarter every time I listen to him speak.


Jean Carlo Emer

Jean Carlo Emer gave a great talk truly understanding the ethos of JavaScript. I thought this was a particularly gutsy talk with Crockford in the audience. 🙂

Demian Borba

Demian Borba from Blackberry really surprised me with all of the stuff that Blackberry is doing around in car stuff that goes well beyond voice. They’re looking at heads up displays and a whole bunch more.

Caridy Patino

It was a true pleasure to meet the softly spoken Caridy Patino from the YUI team at Yahoo. Super smart guy who always had a smile on his face.

Caridy Patino

He dove into Node.JS talking about the good, the bad and the ugly of the project with solid advice on when to and when not to use it.

Josh Holmes

I love it when a “selfie” turns out. They almost never do.

Stoyan Stefanov

Stoyan Stefanov from Facebook was a pleasure to meet. I got smarter just by being near him. He’s the guy behind YSlow 2.0 and a bunch of other stuff that’s been pivotal to many modern day web developers.

Zeke Sikelianos

Zeke Sikelianos from Heroku maintains their Node.JS stack. He’s hysterical and very smart. There were many topics that came up over the week that I couldn’t make up my mind on until Zeke would quietly speak his piece and everything would snap crystal clear in my head.

Brazilian Steak...

So much good food.

Picture of the speakers at the table

No, seriously, so much good food…

Female dancer at the Churrascaria

And the dancers that performed after the speaker dinner at the Churrascaria (read more about them in my previous post called Obrigado BrazilJS) were fantastic.

boleadeira guy blowing back the girls hair

I loved the guy with the boleadeira.

boleadeira guy blowing back the girls hair

Not only was he absolutely amazing,

boleadeira guy knocking the cigarette out of Robert Nyman's mouth

he was an amazing showman and brought Robert Nyman up on stage and while blindfolded, knocked a broken stub of a cigarette out of his mouth. It was amazing.

boleadeira guy

Yes, he’s one of my heroes.

boleadeira guy on stage

And I know what I want to be when I grow up…

Robert Nyman

There was a little drinking at dinner, and after dinner, and before dinner.

Robert joking with a local mozilla guy

And there might have been a little staged violence (notice the smile on everyone’s faces – nobody from Mozilla got hurt during the shooting of this blog post)…

Picture of the speaker ready package for BrazilJS 2013

I really liked that the conference organizers took care of the speakers. We were picked up from the airport, shuttled us to and from the conference, translated to English for us (Seriously, this is a cool deal as I’ve been to a number of conferences where I didn’t understand a damn thing because it was all in a different language except for my talk. They even gave us this little welcome to Porto Alegre pack. Great touch of class.

Felipe N. Moura

One of our fantastic organizers – Felipe N. Moura, the “handsome” one… 😉

Jaydson Gomes

Jaydson Gomes was our other organizer with an amazing beard.

Felipe N. Moura, Josh Holmes, Jaydson Gomes

Without these guys, JavaScript conferences wouldn’t be happening in Brazil. They are amazing guys and I’m proud to be friends with them.

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