Windows 8 Dev Training Opps in Ireland

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We’ve got two events coming up on short order here in Dublin that will help you learn how to write Windows 8 Applications.

The first is an actual class called the Developer Introduction To Windows 8. That’s a two day course being run on March 20-21 (*Update – the dates here are moving due to unforeseen circumstances – will update when we have firm dates again.*) at Microsoft in Sandyford. The training will be done by the crack team at Black Marble who have been doing Windows 8 development for quite a while and are now some of the official trainers for Windows 8 across Ireland and the UK.

You can register at

The second event is a self directed learning opportunity called the Windows 8 Code Camp in Dublin. This is being run in conjunction with the good folks at Dublin Alt.NET. The idea is that there will be very short amount of lecture at the beginning of the day and then the rest of the day is for you to sling code with experts in the room to help you with any issues and questions as they come up… Imagine that it’s Stack Overflow in the room with you rather than waiting for an answer. 🙂

You can register at for this event as well…

Looking forward to see you at one or both of those events in the near term!


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