Changing RSS Feeds

image Ok, that’s a lie – I already moved my feed a LONG (not quite a year ago) time ago.

My new feed is

But in an effort not to disrupt everyone, I’ve left my old RSS feed in place. This is not hard to do but unfortunately, those that are still subscribed to the old feed make it difficult to leverage some of the reasons that I moved the feed in the first place.

I moved it for a number of reasons

  • Allows me to do a little bit better job of statistics and the like (it’s actually being hosted by another service that does that for me)
  • Allows me to change out my blog engine or host with relative transparency
  • Allows me to do some interesting things with caching or offloading to a separate server
  • And I’m sure that there are other good reasons as well

Do me a favor, if you get a chance and move your RSS subscription if you’re still subscribed to the old feed.

BTW – for those of you who are still subscribed to the old feed – Thanks for sticking with me this long!

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