Web 2.0 Session at REMIX07 Boston

REMIX07 BOSTON - OCTOBER 8 & 9, 2007 Hosted by MicrosoftI had a lot of fun with the Boston Remix session that I picked up. I did the Web 2.0 talk that we’ve did for the ArcReady sessions. It was an amazing operation to watch G. Andrew Duthie (aka DevHammer) and crew locked away in the media room working tirelessly to get the keynote and other select sessions on the web site. I’m honored to be one of the selected sessions that they put on the web site as there was a ton of great content at the conference.

The content was originally put together by Jon Rauschenberger, CTO of Clarity consulting. That being said – I have a very different delivery than Jon does so even if you saw him do it – take another look and see if you pick anything new. This is a discussion about what the tenants of Web 2.0 are and how they apply to your applications whether you are in the enterprise or consumer space.

It’s cut up into 4 parts due to file size limitations on Channel9.

Web 2.0 and Beyond, Part 1

Web 2.0 and Beyond, Part 2

Web 2.0 and Beyond, Part 3

Web 2.0 and Beyond, Part 4

After watching my session, then I guess that you can check out the Brad Abrams keynote. 🙂

All of the REMIX07 VIDEOS

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