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imageThis quarter’s ArcReady is coming quickly. This quarter we are talking about Software + Services (S+S). This is Ray Ozzie’s vision of the future of the industry. It’s a vision that encapsulates SOA, SaaS and Web 2.0 and really takes it to the next level. SOA can be how you compose, govern and control your services but it doesn’t talk enough about delivery of the software to the user. SaaS is a great way to deliver software if your users are willing to rent the software. It A: doesn’t work for every user base and B: doesn’t address multi-headed clients where you might want a desktop client, web client and a mobile client. Web 2.0 is in the same boat. Web 2.0 can define the user’s experience with RIA, collaboration, collective knowledge and more. These tenants of Web 2.0 that we discussed in the last quarter (See the video of the session posted on the ReMix07 Boston site) are engaging on a number of levels but it doesn’t really address some of the enterprise concerns of security, accountability and more.

Software + Services really builds on top of all three of these ideas. Come learn more in a city near you.

For the full abstract – see

  • *Columbus – 11/27/2007
  • *Cleveland – 11/28/2007
  • *Detroit – 11/29/2007
  • **Grand Rapids – 11/30/2007
  • *Nashville – 12/3/2007
  • *Cincinnati – 12/5/2007
  • *Indianapolis – 12/6/2007
  • **Louisville – 12/6/2007
  • Minneapolis – 12/11/2007
  • Milwaukee – 12/12/2007
  • Kansas City – 12/13/2007
  • Chicago – 12/14/2007
  • St Louis – 12/14/2007
  • Dallas – 12/17/2007
  • Houston – 12/18/2007
  • Austin – 12/19/2007
  • * means I’m speaking…
    ** means that we’re actually doing a last quarter’s Web 2.0 session followed by this quarter’s Software + Services session. They go well together and I missed Louisville and Grand Rapids last quarter.

    That’s going to be a tough 2 weeks on the road there to be honest. 12/7 – come to my funeral as I die from Red Bull overdose. 🙂

    Microsoft ArcReady – Downloads

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