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We’ve launched a new Channel9 show called Code To Live!.  Josh Holmes (me) and Steve Loethen are the hosts.

We are taking a fairly wide departure from a lot of the other things that you see on Channel9. Code to Live is about highlighting customer stories. There are a couple of different formats that will be on Code To Live. The main show is an interview format that will highlight heroes from our customers that are passionate about what they do and have a good story to tell. To this end, we are riding a 2007 Harley-Davidson Road King around the central part of the US to do interviews. The second format will be Microsoft employees (such as Jennifer Marsman) showing how to use the technologies that our customers are passionate about.

The first show is on XNA and Independent Gaming. Dave Redding and John Stevens were our guests. Dave is a corporate developer by day but he builds XNA games by night and extends into building game consoles, such as a race car, an arcade cabinet and a flight simulator. John runs an independent game conference in Minneapolis.

Want to get involved?  Have a good story to tell?  Want to be seen by thousands of developers all over the world?  Then send them to me.  My email is

Another great option is to video yourself saying the phrase “we watch codetolive in <location>” and we will put it in the show.  Become the person with the video from the farthest place from my home base (Ann Arbor, MI) and Steve and I will take care of you some how.

The bike will be running around the middle of the US through June of 2008, with stops planned all over the place.  I will be riding it to the Expression Day in Ann Arbor, AdobeMax, DevLink and then turning the bike over to Steve Loethen to drive to the Heartland Developers Conference.  Come track me down and I will get you a code to live sticker for your laptop.

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Code to Live!

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