erubycon – Columbus, Ohio 7/16-7/18

I’m speaking at eRubyCon next week (7/16-7/18) joining the other speakers such as Neil Ford, Justin Gehtland, Jim Weirich and Joe O’Brien among many others. It’s going to be an exciting conference. I’m speaking on Silverlight (keep scrolling down – it’s about halfway down). Here’s the Abstract:


Introduction to Silverlight

Silverlight is the latest in the continuum of technologies from Microsoft to help you create differentiated user experience in the supplemented web space. Based on XAML (eXtensible Application Markup Language) for its UI and backed by a number of different options for logic including C#, JavaScript, Visual Basic, IronPython or IronRuby (once it’s released) – it’s a exciting new tool in the back of tricks for any web developer. It brings with it a rich networking stack, fantastic media support, scalable vector graphics and much more on both Windows and the Mac in all of the major browsers including IE, FireFox, Safari and Opera. In this session, we will explore the boundaries of Silverlight, see the integration points and hosting options between Ruby and Silverlight and talk some about what’s coming with IronRuby.


I gotta say, it’s been a ton of fun putting together this session (not implying that I’m done). I’m playing with so many new technologies and ideas that I’m sure that I’m doing things exactly wrong but it’s fun and I’ve got a cool demo working. I wish that I had IronRuby bits, but the IronRuby bits are to be released at Oscon the following week according to John Lam

erubycon – Columbus, Ohio

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