New Blogger in the World – Jon Box with Out Of The Box

Jon Box is blogging now! Jon is a fellow Architect Evangelist. He’s a former RD and a prolific author (at least before he joined Microsoft). He’s a fellow mobile fanatic –  he’s even written books on the topic.

It’s great to see my co-workers start blogging. I’ve been encouraging Jon (and some of the others) to start blogging. They keep coming back with questions like “What do I have to say?” and “Where do you get inspiration?”. For me it’s not finding inspiration – it’s finding time. I’m honest with them and tell that it’s hard work and a lot of time to really keep a solid blog going and I don’t do the best job. The real reason that I’ve been pressuring Jon (and some of the others) to start blogging is that I have a tremendous amount of respect for the team and want to hear their thoughts.

The time issue is a big one when it comes to blogging. I don’t know how people like Scott Hanselman find the time do keep up with everything that they do. It’s super human and he must not sleep.

In the mean time – let’s welcome Jon to the neighborhood and show him a little blog love… (his term – not mine 😀 )

Link to Jon Box

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