Windows Presentation Foundation in Real World Development by Eric Burke

I’m out at MIX and got to met Eric Burke. Eric Burke is the lead developer on the WPF version of the Yahoo Messenger. It was fantastic! I was wearing a Visual Studio sweatshirt when I was getting on the plane in Detroit headed out out to Las Vegas. Eric spotted that and asked if I was going to MIX. We ended up hanging out a good part of the day. It turns out that he works remotely from Michigan for his team in Sunnyvale, CA. They have been working on a WPF version of the Yahoo Messenger for about 9 months now and have been knee deep in .NET 3.0. It’s been fun listening to the evolution of the application and the workflow with the design firm. He talked about how it’s been a fun and interesting ride.

I’m looking forward to seeing his presentations tomorrow and Wednesday. One’s called Windows Presentation Foundation in Real World Development. I did a small podcast recording with him that I’ll post in the next couple of days. He’s got a blogroll of a ton of blogs that he watches for .NET and WPF (Eric’s Blogroll) but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to get his pick of the top 3… 🙂


One other quick and interesting note – all of the sessions, including Eric’s, will be up on the web site for the general public in raw form 24 hours fter the session.


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