Wanna Extend VS.NET? Let DonXML tell you how…

VS>NET is a great set of tools – however, sometimes it’s not all that you need. In those cases – VS.NET is a great platform to build tools on top of and you can extend it to do a ton of different things.

There’s a great webcast coming up on May 3rd presented by my good buddy DonXML… Don Demsak, AKA DonXML, is a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for XML and a Microsoft .NET solutions architect who specializes in architecting and programming multi-tier applications using the Microsoft .NET Framework. He is also a technology evangelist known for advocating the benefits of XML, Contract-First Web Services, and the .NET Framework through blogging and various Web discussion groups. Don is a cofounder of the Mvp.Xml open-source project (www.mvpxml.org) that enhances XML capabilities in the .NET Framework. The Mvp.Xml project includes XPathmania, which adds XPath testing support to the XML Editor in Visual Studio 2005.


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