Sharepoint Web Services For Remote Portlets (WSRP)

In conversation, someone brought up a Java WSRP implementation and I thought it was an interesting idea. Web Services for Remote Portlets (WSRP) is an Oasis standard defines a set of interfaces and behaviors that allow you to embed content from as web service on your page but more importantly, it allow that content to be interactive with the web service so it’s more than just pulling the HTML. Clicks and other events funnel back to the origional site so that you don’t have to write the backend processing for those controls. This is an interesting idea so I started looking into it.

I was thinking on what would be required to write one, but it turns out that I don’t have to since there’s already one on GotDotNet for Sharepoint. There you can find the WSRP Consumer Web Part Toolkit and the WSRP Producer Web Service Toolkit.

It’s a facinating idea and I can see real possibilities with it. The question that I have is – has anyone used this yet? How well does it work?

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