Test Driven Development

Last night Eric Maino (http://www.meeteric.net) gave a talk at GANG (http://www.migang.org) about Test Driven Development (TDD). It was a very good talk that touched on a lot of the important issues involved in testing. It was a good overview of NUnit (http://www.nunit.org) and how TDD works. The slides will be up on the GANG web site soon.


One of the questions that came up was how GUI testing works with NUnit. I happened to attend a talk at SD West (http://www.SDExpo.com) by Elisabeth Hendrickson from Quality Tree (http://www.qualitytree.com) on that exact topic. She has been working on a test harness for GUI testing that’s built on NUnit. You can learn more about it here – http://www.qualitytree.com/autotest/dotnetgui.htm.

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