Arc on the Street: Dave Redding – Command Pattern

Announcing Arc on the Street. This is going to be an opportunistic podcast. I’ve got a podcast recording rig that I’ve been playing with (many posts to come later about the rig). The best part about it is that it’s very portable and all battery powered.

So I was having a drink with my friend Dave Redding who was asking about patterns. I pointed him to Christian Gross‘s Foundations of Object-Oriented Programming using .NET 2.0 Patterns book. Turns out that he already knew some about patterns and had used the Command Pattern in the past. Well – in our first “Arc on the Street” Dave is going to tell us about that implementation and a little bit about patterns in general. At the time of the recording, I was thinking that I would do two series “Dev on the Street” and “Arc on the Street” but I’ve decided that it make more sense to just have one and for me to concentrate on the architect level topics.

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