Deployment issues with the Compact Framework v2.0… (Sorta)

I just tried to deploy an application to a customer’s PPC device and was very frustrated because the app looked like it installed and even put a shortcut in the “Program Files”. However, when I clicked on it, nothing happened. No error message, nothing. Just silence. Wow, that’s informative. The good news is that I called John Hopkins, one of my sub-contractors, and he asked something about the framework version and it hit us both – v2.0 of the Compact Framework was not on the device. Install it and it works great now… 🙂

The thing that made this blogworthy was the lack of error messages. That was the astounding thing. I’d expect some error message on install or something that would prompt me that I needed to install something else. Oh well. I guess that we can’t have everything. It’s a fabulous environment to develop in and is light years ahead of previous development environments so I’m grateful for that but it just points out this type of little inconstancy that much more.

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