Dayton-Cincinnati Code Camp!

The Dayton-Cincinnati CodeCamp was a lot of fun. Jim Holmes organized the whole event. He posts about the event here –

I did three talks:

ASP.NET Security Whiteboard

This was interesting because I did a hour ten about ASP.NET security and didn’t talk about cross site scripting, sql injection attacks or any of the usual suspects. I just answered questions for an hour plus. Most people talking about security immediately jump to those items, but many of these people just needed to know what a role was and how it applied in ASP.NET and so on.

Roadworthy ASP.NET

In this talk, I talked about ASP.NET for mobile devices. Smaller crowd, but it was a blast.

True Mobility

In this talk, I gave my definition of Mobility which is not just mobile devices. It’s letting your customer/user leverage their data wherever they happen to be. That could be in the car, but a lot of times, it’s at their desk or at a coffee shop where it makes more sense to have a desktop app or web page. All of the different front ends have their strengths and weaknesses so you might have to write more than one UI. Therefore, architect your application so that it can accept multiple UIs.

There were a ton of good speakers at the event – here’s a short list in no real order:

James Avery

Nino Benvenuti

Dave Donaldson

Greg Huber and Jason Follas

Drew Robbins

Craig Utley

Rob Keefer

There were some others that I’ve forgotten or didn’t meet and I apologize to those folks.

I have to say that the event pumped me up to do one here in the Ann Arbor area. I have been wanting to, but this really gave me a lot of good ideas on the scope and such. I think that this is definitely doable. Stay posted here for more information coming soon on the Ann Arbor Day of .NET.

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