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I did several session at VSLive recently. As always I give out my email address in every session so that they attendees can contact me with questions. Sometimes these questions are related to the session – sometimes they are not. I’m not sure which session this particular gentleman was in but I got this interesting note yesterday.

I just sat through your talk at VSLIVE.  I tried to speak with you after the seminar but you were pretty busy.
I teach CS for [Some College], and I’m trying to get a feel for where the current and future jobs are for new grads with little or no experience so I can adjust our program. 
If we could only teach one track, would you recommend ASP.NET with VB, ASP.NET with C#, Windows programming with VB, or Windows programming with C#?
That is, is web development bigger than windows development now, and is that expected to change in the next 5 years?
And is C# growing faster than VB or vice-versa?
Thanks Josh.  I really learned a lot in your presentation. 

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Computer Science Instructor
Some College
Somewhere, USA

Immediately you should be able to see the issue. The pat answer is that if you and your shop know VB or a VB like syntax, then you should use VB.NET and if you and your shop know C, C++, Java, or some other semi-colon profuse language, then they should go with C#.

However, this is a blank slate. There is no shop. The students don’t know anything so there’s only the future to look to for guidance. Yeah right!

Really I can boil the question down to this:
Where are tech jobs going to be in 4 years when these students graduate?

Wow! That’s a tough question. I’m actually going to reserve judgment on this topic until I hear from others. Please leave my comments on the blog at

Web ? ?
Windows ? ?

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