Bill Steele helps out Katrina hit areas

Bill Steele, our Microsoft Developer Community Championin the “Heartland District”, did something very cool. He’s a private pilot and donates his time to Angel Flight and the Air Care Alliance.

He took off on his own time to fly 45 trips down to the hardest hit places to take down 17,500 MREs and other stuff. I think that’s cool and that it should be commended.

Now, it costs a lot of money to do all of that flying. According to Bill’s post, it’s between $200-$400 per flight. That tells me that it was between $9,000 and $18,000 for Bill to deliver all of that food and supplies. Really, that’s reasonable because about a dollar or less for each of those meals to be delivered. If that’s all that you tipped the pizza guy – he’d be pissed. In the mean time, we need to help out by visiting the links below and donating.

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