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Bill Wagner (Great Lakes Area .NET Users Group President, Regional Director
and author of the C# Core Language Little Black Book and Effective C#) is going
to be doing a webcast on how to install and configure Data Driven Web

If you’ve faced the frustration deploying a data-driven
Web application to a server, or tried moving applications from one server to
another, you need to attend this webcast. Learn how to create installations for
your Web application as easily as a desktop application. By attending this
webcast you will learn:

  • Why your Web application needs an installer
  • What problems you will face deploying manually
  • How to create multiple Web sites and virtual
    directories in the same installation
  • How to connect to and configure SQL Server databases
  • How to manage security for your application
  • How to edit web.config to customize your installation


Join Wise Solutions and Bill Wagner of SRT Solutions as
we cover the
process of creating an easy installation
for a complex Web application.

Thursday, September 30 @ 8:30 a.m. EST

For Registration go to http://www.wise.com/wfwi_webcasts.asp.

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