CodeMash! All the Great Flavors Together…

CodeMash is coming up faster than I want to think about on January 18 and 19th!

CodeMash is a unique event in that we are bringing together the .NET, Java, Ruby, PHP, Perl and Python communities to see what we can learn from each other. As a .NET guy, I’m planning on attending the other technology’s sessions so that I can learn more about then and bring good ideas back to the .NET world. It should be a fun time to be had by all involved.

The other extremely cool thing is that it’s at the Kalahari Resort and indoor water park. In January, that’s a great place to be.

All of this is a fantastic bargain if you sign up by 11/30 and stay at the resort. It’s $99.00 for the early bird registration and $88.00 a night for the resort. The full registration is $149.00 if you don’t want to stay at the resort or if you miss the 11/30 date.

Check out the site for a lot more information.

CodeMash Registration is Live!!!

We’ve finally cleared a path through the jungle, just watch out for tigers! Registration for the January 18-19 event is now open!

So satisfy your inner geek and come mix, mingle and share with geeks from all walks of technology in a great location.


More about the location:

More about the event:

Heard enough? Register for CodeMash now:

Ecma International to standardize Office Open XML File Formats

 Some of you know me and know that I’m really interested in VSTO (that’s Visual Studio Tools for Office) and that I’ve got a serious XML background having taught the XML Bootcamp for a number of years…

I’ve been following the Office Open XML standard for a while now but I just saw that Ecma is going to adopt the standard. Novell and Corel have already jumped on board to support this in Open Office. This is cool stuff…


Link to Press release 9 December 2005 – Ecma International creates TC45 to standardize Office Open XML File Formats